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Outpatient Hand Surgery at Prime

Pain, inflammation, and other hand problems are quite common but can be some of the most daunting surgeries to consider. After all, we use our hands for thousands of tasks every day. Rest assured, Prime Surgical Suites has you in good hands, literally. Uniquely specializing in outpatient orthopedic surgery, our expert surgeons and cutting-edge technology will have your hands more comfortable in no time.


Why Have Hand Surgery at Prime?

At Prime Surgical Suites, our only focus is orthopedic surgery, so our surgeons and the support teams are experts at providing precisely that. By concentrating on orthopedic surgeries, we can bring you the finest surgeons, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative techniques, in our patient-centered facility.


Do I Need Hand Surgery?

Hand surgeries are aimed at relieving one or more of the following symptoms:



Pain in your hands or wrists which continues to increase over time or in your fingers when you are gripping, carrying, or twisting something, including severe arthritis pain. 



Sudden or ongoing swelling in your hand or wrist, as well as warmth or redness.



Changes in the shape of your hand, wrist, and joints.


Loss of Function

Changes in how you can move your hand, or your ability to grasp things.


Nerve Damage

Numbness, tingling, or throbbing, particularly when sleeping.


Common Hand Surgeries

Our hand specialists frequently perform surgeries on hands and wrists, many of which are minimally invasive. Because we specialize in outpatient surgery, you will be home the same day so you can recover in the comfort of your own home. Common hand surgeries include:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When carpal tunnel relief exercises don’t provide full relief, patients turn to one of the most common hand surgeries, carpal tunnel surgery. This surgery relieves where the median nerve which travels through the wrist is compressed, leading to numbness and pain in the hand and arm. 


Trigger Finger

If a finger stays in the locked position when you bend it, or stays then pops straight again, you likely have a trigger finger. When non-surgical treatment options aren’t effective, surgery will loosen the tendon so it doesn't lock into the bent position.


Dupuytren's Contracture

Dupuytren's contracture is caused by tissue under the skin which tightens, pulling your fingers (usually your 3rd and 4th fingers) slowly toward your palm so they can't straighten.


De Quervain's Tendinosis

Indicated by a painful swelling at the base of your thumb, along your wrist, especially when you are making a fist or turning your wrist, De Quervain's tendinosis is an inflammation of the tendons there, frequently from overuse. Surgery can release the pressure on tendons there to relieve the pain.


Joint Replacement

In cases where joint pain is not relieved by other means including medication, a joint replacement can be performed on fingers, knuckles, or the wrist.


Tendon Repair

Tendons, which connect your bones so you can bend and flex your joints, can be painful and weak due to injury, arthritis, or other conditions which cause them to split or rupture. Tendon repair surgery can reconnect the damaged tendons.


Nerve Repair

If nerves in the hand are compromised by an injury or accident, they can sometimes heal on their own, but a greater degree of damage may require surgical repair to avoid painful scar tissue or the development of a painful clump of nerves called a neuroma. Several kinds of surgery can reconnect damaged nerves.


What to Expect

When you meet with one of our surgeons, you will discuss available treatment options and together you will determine if a surgical procedure is suitable. Depending on the results of that consultation, you may schedule surgery in our outpatient surgical center. Assuming you are scheduled for a procedure, you'll receive excellent, effective care and be home to recover the same day as your surgery.

At Prime Surgical Suites, we know how important it is to have comfortable, capable hands to perform countless daily tasks. Our sophisticated, patient-centered care and teams of expert surgeons and support staff are ready for you. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an initial appointment to see how we can help.


AtPrime Surgical Suites, we provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective musculoskeletal surgical care in a convenient and comfortable outpatient setting for patients of all ages. Located in RiverCrest Medical Park, we are the region's first outpatient center focused exclusively on orthopedics. Our physician-led center will help restore your active lifestyle and well-being with compassion and orthopedic excellence. 

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