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Refer Physicians or Patients to Prime

Your referrals are the very highest form of compliment we could receive. If you are currently consulting with a specific physician, please mention to them that our facility may be an option for them and we are happy to answer any questions they may have. 

Why Prime Surgical Suites?

Prime not only supports the latest technological advances medicine has to offer, but it is provided in a concierge-style patient-centric care experience that is second to none.

Personal Care

Your unique health concerns and recovery options require personalized care. We are committed to helping you with your options and optimal care experience, both during and after procedural care.

Advanced Technology

Knowing that our physicians are using the very latest technological tools and methodologies, with a trusted history of results, helps you and your loved ones rest easy that recovery is right around the corner.

Affordable & Convenient Care

Utilizing outpatient care options, reducing recovery times, and lowering overall procedural costs leads to more affordable and convenient care than ever.