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Experienced an injury?

Sports injuries happen. Unfortunately, many people do not consult a doctor and continue playing sports or working out while injured, causing further damage.

Sports Medicine at Prime Surgical Suites

Sports injuries frequently occur through overuse, non-contact trauma, or contact with another athlete or stationary object during competition or training sessions. Our surgeons utilize state-of-the-art technology and recovery techniques to improve rehabilitation timelines and post-surgery comfort. Common procedures we perform include rotator cuff, meniscus, and ACL repair as well as knee and shoulder arthroscopy.

Prime Surgical Suites - Outpatient Spine Surgery

Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

Comfortable Recovery

For most patients, recovering from surgery at home is typically a more comfortable experience than staying in a hospital.

Affordable Care

Outpatient care can be a more affordable option because overnight stays in the hospital are typically expensive.

Faster Healing Times

Since patients are typically more relaxed and can rest more easily in their own homes, most at-home patients experience faster recovery times.

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