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Orthopaedic Surgery Simplified

“I can’t emphasize enough how well my knee replacement went,” Jimmy Richard shared. “Within four days I was walking unassisted, and at my two week checkup, my range of motion was very close to goal. Jason is pleasant, precise, and his work is excellent- highly recommended.” 

As the region’s first orthopedic ambulatory surgical care center (ASC), Prime Surgical Suites stands apart as the state of the art, go-to medical facility for people needing same-day, outpatient surgery. Specializing in surgeries of the muscles and joints, the surgeons’ expertise is in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These conditions can include disorders of the hips and knees, feet and ankles, hands, shoulders, and spine. Knee and hip replacements are possible the most well-known orthopedic procedures. “Patients of all ages, from children with scoliosis to patients with traumatic injuries, dramatically benefit from these surgeries, “Dr. Jason Norcross explained. Dr. Norcross is chair of the surgery center’s board, a leader in the evolving field of robotic-assisted surgery, and trains surgeons nationwide. His specialty is hip and knee replacements. “My satisfaction comes in helping people lead happier, productive lives.”

Prime Surgical is unique in offering outpatient robotic assisted surgeries. “We offer exceptional, cost effective, safer care,” Dr. Al Geissele shared. “Our center was created to offer lower cost options for procedures often performed in a hospital - a more convenient alternative. We have a strong track record of quality, compassionate care and positive outcomes.” Dr. Geissele’s specialties are pediatric and adult spinal disorders, including back and neck pain, ruptured discs, fractures in the aging spine, spondylolisthesis, sacroiliac joint disorders, and scoliosis. We aim to restore patients’ capacity to regain movement and return to a comfortable life.” Dr. Ralph May also specializes in adult and pediatric spinal disorders utilizing advanced techniques like minimally invasive lumbar laminectomy and fusion procedures. 

Prime Surgical’s modern facility design is focused on efficiency, advanced technology, comfort, and convenience for their staff of nine surgeons and the patients they care for. Dr. James Stanislaw is dedicated to bringing the latest proved advances and highest possible success rates in joint replacements, hand surgery, and sports medicine/arthroscopic surgery. “We’re here to ensure that advanced surgery enables people to return to activities they love,” he said. “Orthopaedic surgery is all we do.”

Basic orthopaedic surgeries to complex reconstruction are offered. They strive to correct ailments so you can return to work quickly. Utilizing advanced operating rooms, paired with cutting-edge technology, surgeons provide the highest standards in medical care. Dr. Ross Jenkins and Dr. Robert Duggan specialize in foot and ankle conditions, such as painful bunions, hammertoes, diabetic foot management, and reconstruction. Dr. Jeffrey Keverline’s specialties include sports medicine, hip, knee, and shoulder replacement, and hand surgery, like carpal tunnel. Sports medicine, such as rotator cuff and ACL repairs, is Dr. Christopher Houdek’s specialty, and Dr. John Smith specializes in hand surgery. 

To learn more, check out their blog, https://www.primesurgicalsuites.com/blog . Your questions will be answered thoroughly by contacting Prime Surgical Suites. The convenience of out-patient surgery may easily resolve your condition…it can change your life. 

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