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Is Surgery The Best Option?

Every year, around 234 million major surgeries are performed, and that number doesn’t include the large number of minimally invasive procedures that take place annually. But if you’re not sure whether you should move forward with a surgery, it may be time to think about the pros and cons — the risks versus the benefits. Here are some helpful steps that’ll help you decide if surgery is the best option for you.

Know What to Expect After Surgery

Do you know what the outcome will be after surgery? It’s important to know what you can really expect after going through the procedure. A few questions to ask your doctor include:

  • Will it ease my pain or completely eliminate it?
  • Will surgery keep my condition from growing worse over time?
  • Will my body function improve?
  • How long will the results of the surgery last?
  • Will I require more procedures in the future?

It’s also useful to think about the impact your medical condition currently has on your body. If it’s limiting your lifestyle and quality of life, and surgery will improve that, it could be a good choice that’ll improve your overall wellbeing.

Know Your Treatment Options

Is surgery your only treatment option? Perhaps lifestyle changes could improve your condition. In some cases, physical therapy could be a viable alternative. Even rest may offer improvement. Consider whether waiting or trying some alternative options could be a good choice before having surgery.

Know the Risks

Be informed about the risks that come with a surgical procedure. Every surgery comes with some common risks. Potential complications after surgery can include bleeding, post-operative lung infections, blood clots, anesthesia complications, and infection. Your physician should tell you about all those possible risks.

Your doctor should also explain to you any possible risks related to the specific type of surgery you’re considering. Ask your doctor about the worst-case scenario and what is the likelihood of you suffering from serious complications.

Know Your Surgeon’s Background

Ask a few questions about your surgeon’s background and skills:

  • How much experience do you have with this particular surgery?
  • How many times have you performed this surgery?
  • What’s your success rate with this surgery?
  • Are you board certified?

Beyond your surgeon’s background, remember that the quality of the surgical facility matters, too. Find out about the facility’s history. How long has it been in business? Who’s on the team, and what’s their experience and training?

Know Your Recovery Period

You’ll also want to know what your recovery period will be like. Will you need to stay in the hospital, or can the surgery be done outpatient? If it requires a hospital stay, is it just one night, or will you be in the hospital longer? When you do go home, what medical supplies will be needed as you recover? It’s also important to ask about any limitations you’ll have and how long it’ll take to return to your normal daily life.

Know the Costs

While you shouldn’t avoid an important surgery just because it’s expensive, you do need to know what you’ll have to pay. Find out how much your insurance company will cover. Speak to the business office to find out if there are ways you’re able to reduce out-of-pocket costs to make the surgery more affordable for you.

Surgery at Prime

At Prime Surgical Suites, not only do we offer the region’s best surgeons, but also a state-of-the-art facility. We also provide the latest surgical technology and comprehensive, patient-centered care. Contact us today and our team will help you determine if surgery is the best option for your medical needs.


At Prime Surgical Suites, we provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective musculoskeletal surgical care in a convenient and comfortable outpatient setting for patients of all ages. Located in RiverCrest Medical Park, we are the region's first outpatient center focused exclusively on orthopedics. Our physician-led center will help restore your active lifestyle and well-being with compassion and orthopedic excellence.