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Tips to Speed Up Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery

If your knee is damaged, you may benefit from knee replacement surgery. In fact, for some patients, knee replacement may be the only appropriate treatment option available. Although knee replacement surgery can restore normal function to your knee and eliminate the pain you are experiencing, you will need to spend some time in recovery before you can return to your normal life. Below are some tips to help you speed up your recovery after you have knee replacement surgery.


1. Arrange for a surgery that is completed using advanced techniques and technologies.

Knee replacement surgery completed using advanced techniques and technologies comes with an easier, faster recovery than surgery completed using traditional methods. Advanced knee replacement procedures are less invasive, which means your body will be able to heal more quickly. Choose a surgeon and surgical facility with this benefit in mind.


2. Start preparing for your recovery BEFORE the procedure.

Your recovery begins before you ever check into the hospital. To ensure that you are able to bounce back as quickly as possible, begin an exercise program to build your muscle and flexibility prior to the procedure.


3. Focus on nutrition.

Pay careful attention to both your diet and weight before and after your surgery. For example, eating plenty of protein can aid with tissue regeneration. Likewise, maintaining a healthy weight can keep pressure off the joint and help you to recover faster.


4. Don’t be afraid to move after your surgery.

After your surgery, you may be hesitant to move because of pain or concerns about damaging the joint. However, beginning physical therapy right away is the best way to strengthen your muscles and speed up the recovery process. Some of the exercises you can perform safely after surgery to ensure that your recovery is quick and smooth can be found here.


5. Make practical modifications to your home environment.

Before your surgery, take the time to modify your home so you won't have to worry about unnecessary obstacles or difficulties after the procedure. Remove as much clutter as possible to prevent tripping, and install fall prevention equipment as needed. Be sure to focus on the rooms you are most likely to spend time in after your procedure, such as the living room, bedroom and bathroom. If your bedroom is upstairs, set up a place to sleep downstairs or consider staying with a friend or family member temporarily. Designate an area for exercises in advance so you will be more likely to move ahead with physical therapy as soon as you get back home.

Prime Surgical Suites has invested in all the latest equipment and technologies available for knee replacement surgery. If you are in need of this procedure, choosing Prime Surgical Suites is the best way to ensure that your procedure is minimally invasive and that your recovery takes as little time as possible. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our facility.


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