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The Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise During Recovery From Surgery

Approximately 50 million Americans have surgery annually, with approximately 1.1 million of those procedures involving a hip or knee replacement. Surgery is a cause of anxiety for many, but there are certain measures you can take to physically ready yourself before the procedure which may ultimately improve your results and quicken your recovery. 

Leveraging the advantages of low-impact exercise during your recovery from surgery will help you to get back on track and return to your regular activities swiftly and securely.

Why is exercise important

Exercise is essential for preparing your body for surgery and aiding in a quick recovery. Not only will it build strength, increase mobility, and enhance endurance but pre-surgery exercise can help you manage weight if necessary as well as fortify your immune system. 

This approach of “prehabilitation” lessens the risk of complications while also allowing you to get an early start on postoperative rehabilitation. Strengthening muscles prior to surgery will make recovering from surgical procedures much easier.

Post-surgery exercise is vital for the recovery process and regaining physical strength. It helps your body recover from the trauma of surgery, strengthens muscles that may have become weak during the procedure or weakened as a result of inactivity, and increases endurance and mobility. Exercise can also help you return to your pre-surgery level of fitness.

Low-impact exercises that provide great benefits


Walking is one of the most effective and beneficial low-impact exercises for post-surgery recovery, as it's gentle on your joints, requires no additional gear, and can be done virtually anywhere or anytime. Moreover, walking helps you stay fit while managing pain or exhaustion - improving both blood circulation and oxygenation of vital organs. Not to mention that it doesn't cost a thing.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a perfect form of low-impact exercise to aid post-surgery recovery. It can help restore strength in weakened muscles from lack of activity, as well as promote endurance and mobility enhancement. When engaging in weight training after surgery, it’s best to stick with lighter weights that won't put too much strain on the body compared to heavier ones.

TRX Bands

TRX bands, or suspension training straps, are an incredibly effective approach to building strength and flexibility following surgery. Not only do they provide resistance through bodyweight exercises that target a variety of muscle groups efficiently, but also leverage gravity for additional support.

TRX bands allow individuals to gradually and safely return to exercise and improve their overall physical strength and function.

Users can adjust the difficulty of the exercises by adjusting their body position and the length of the straps, making it easier to progress at a comfortable pace.


Cycling is the ideal low-impact exercise for those recovering from surgery - allowing them to strengthen their muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness without overstressing joints. Not only that but cycling can be tailored to any intensity level so it's suitable for all postoperative patients. You could start with shorter rides at a lighter pace then gradually work up in length and strength as you regain your stamina!


Low-impact exercise is critical for post-surgery rehabilitation. Not only will it bolster weakened muscles, but it can also enhance mobility and stamina to help restore the patient to their preoperative fitness level. By slowly returning to exercising with these strategies in place, individuals recuperating from surgery have the opportunity of developing strength while regulating discomfort or fatigue at once.

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